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Travelling with Cannabis

Travelling with Cannabis

We usually mention exactly just how you will find varying, potentially confusing, bylaws within Canada with regards to medical cannabis – regarding where, just how and simply how much, for instance. Though there are grey areas within these bylaws and their interpretation, being ambiguous in it is normally maybe not planning to land you in a lot of water that is hot. Using good sense for things such as once you understand if you’re impaired and driving that is avoiding energy tools while you’re, will essentially suffice.

Rules around work medication screening continue to be dirty and inconsistent but typically, almost all of Canada’s HR departments will continue to work to you.

BUT. Be specific about a very important factor. Usually do not bring your prescription across boundaries.

Let’s look at the united states of america for example. Some cannabis patients that are medical believe if they’re traveling into one of several legalized states like Ca, Colorado, Nevada or Oregon (to mention a few), it may stand to reason why you’re in your legal rights to hold your medically recommended allotment of cannabis from 1 appropriate destination to another. Continua a leggere Travelling with Cannabis